Cosette + Bob Wang


When I think about celebrating this sweet sweet couple’s day the main thing I remember was just how peaceful it was. Cosette and Bob live in China - she’s from Oregon and moved to Asia after college.. sort of out of the blue, just following God’s leading!! WOW. She taught English and one day met Bob who also worked at the school anddd the rest is history. They are some of the most faith-filled and just rock-solid people I’ve met. It hasn’t been easy for them.. but they have leaned into each other and to Jesus and the product of their simple trust was this beautiful, beautiful day. Definitely not a dry eye in the crowd of their family and friends, myself included. The whole day was so good. It was just GOOD. I am so happy for them and for the future they have ahead of them.

You guys are AMAZING. Hope to see you on this side of the world again soon!!